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LYNXauto Mission
With a mission to remain as the industry’s benchmark, LYNXauto spare parts are trusted for its quality and functionality. The brand aims to become one of the most famous spare parts brand in Russia within the next
five years and a leader in the world market within the next ten years.

The brand also aims:
  • To surpass customers’ expectations and to meet their changing needs
  • To provide high quality products at low prices
  • To create a strategic potential for further development
  • To offer customers not just spare parts, but also a product that will assure trouble free motoring
  • To improve the culture of service and maintenance
  • To care the interest of its clients, its staff, and its shareholders through excellent planning and execution
  • To make continual contributions to the cultural and social development of the nation
  • To care for planet earth by producing products that help reduce carbon emission and pollution
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