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Protection Kit
Viability of shock-absorbers considerably depends on the proper condition of their protection. Therefore, we strongly recommend to check the integrity of protection kits and replace them if necessary. This will help to increase the life of expensive elements of suspension such as shock-absorbers.
  • Boot is made of thermoplastic with the properties of rubber, more resistant to numerous bends and abrasion, ozone irradiation, exposure of oil, petrol, and other aggressive media. The declared properties remain invariable under the ambient temperatures within -500С to +1250С.

  • Bump rubber sustains 2,000,000 cycles for compression without variation of properties and 1,000,000 cycles at the temperature minus 300С that provides reliable protection of the shock-absorber in case of probable suspension breakdown.

  • The declared service life is 2 times superior to that provided by the car manufacturer.
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