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Why LYNXauto and NKN?
With the increasing competition in the market the greatest challenge for any brand is not just to become the best, but to remain the best. Being an established global supplier of automotive spare parts, LYNX along with its production partner NKN Ltd. command a leading position in terms of sales volume. Some of the popular products in the international market under the brand name LYNX are filters, wiper blades, brake pads, bulbs, ignition leads set, CV joints, belts, shock absorbers and suspension parts.

Carefully selected top-grade materials, high-precision machinery, state-of-the-art production techniques, efficient assembly lines, well trained technicians, etc are some of the cornerstones of LYNXauto to maintain a trouble-free production of its products.

Quality Assurance:
At LYNXauto Quality Rules, Quality Decides and Quality Speaks.

Reliable Parts:
Every LYNXauto product confirms to the international quality certificates ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9002, VDA 6, QS 9000, QS 0011, QS 1149 etc.

Japanese Quality Control:  
Every LYNXauto product undergoes stringent Japanese Quality Control tests and thus reflects the trust and quality of Japanese products.

Imported Products:
Some of the LYNX spare parts are made at the best factories in the world. Top-grade materials are sourced from world over to improve the quality of its products.

Fitting Precision:
Precision is the key word at LYNX. Hence it uses high precision manufacturing units to ensure high quality and long life for its products.

Modern Packaging:
Whatever said and done on the quality of a product, looks do have a great impact on them when it reaches the market. Hence LYNX pays attention to bring out its products in neat and attractive packaging, which is appealing to an international market.

Innovative partnerships with NKN:
LYNXauto products are manufactured under the guidance and supervision of its partner company, NKN Ltd - the leading Japanese automobile spare parts manufacturer.  With the partnership, LYNX shares the high technology owned by NKN like the robotically controlled production for constantly monitoring quality; cost effective techniques for mass production; proactive Research & Development to cope up with the newer demands and changes in the automotive market; and flexibility in production to meet specific market requirements.
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