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About LYNXauto
Company Akita Kaihatsu was established in 1964 in Osaka, Japan as a small laboratory for checking and investigation of metal properties. . Since 1980, Akita Kaihatsu is focused on the development of quality control programs for the manufacturers of automotive components.
In 1987 Akita Kaihatsu became the member of the international Technical Committee (ISO) and was directly involved in the development of fundamental system standards for quality management organization (ISO 9000) and ecological management (ISO 14000).

In 2008 the company management has made the decision to launch manufacturing of spare parts under own trademark LYNXauto. As the result in autumn 2008, the production of automotiv spare parts and consumable products started on the company's and partners' production facilities. Today LYNXauto is represented by 12 commodity groups and available for the clients of Akita Kaihatsu worldwide.

Recent News

AUTOMECHANIKA MOSCOW powered by MIMS, the international exhibition of automotive parts and car maintenance equipment, took place for the 18th time at Expocentre, Moscow, from August, 25 to 28.

LYNXauto Production
LYNXauto products are manufactured according to the regulations and standards, specified by car manufacturers.

Professional management, high-quality materials, strict quality control has always been the formula for success of the company. In order to stay the reference standard among spare parts manufacturers the company spends the significant part of budget for research activities and development of new samples and materials.

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